You can build this today GPT in action

Building a FlowGPT in a Salesforce org!

Watch as AiForce Founder, Mark Good, solves a new Support Case in seconds with groundbreaking AiForce Specialist only Salesforce technology!

This is one of the countless solutions you can build using FlowGPT skills as an AiForce Certified GPT Specialist in your Salesforce org TODAY!

Admins & Analysts

6X Faster Declarative Solutions

From Validation Rules to Complex Formula Fields AI Force has you covered. We will even give your declarative team the power to understand complex code sets in seconds!

Instant High Quality Solutions

With AI Force Training you will be using the AI Force Engine or your favorite GPT platform to write perfect Validation Rules in seconds & complex Formula Fields in minutes! Your declarative team will even be able to understand complex Apex code at the click of a button!


Build More, Hire Less

Writing Triggers, SOQL Queries, Lighting Web Components & yes even Test Classes just got a whole lot easier!

Your Dev Team just tripled

... and you didn't have to hire anyone! We know how difficult it can be to find Salesforce talent so instead of hiring more let's simply make the current talent more efficient. Save money, pay your team more to retain current talent & be the hero.

Feel Empowered

Take Your Career To New Levels

GPT Platforms used well are a personal assistant at the ready. With our training you will be far more confident in your Salesforce abilities as a trained AI professional works alongside you to help ensure you're more accurate, efficient and productive as a Salesforce professional.

What's Included

• Comprehensive Self Led Platform with 20+ Interactive Lessons, video breakdowns & step by step instruction to get the most out of AI.
• 90 Days unlimited access to the AI Force - Salesforce AI Engine
• 12 Months Access to the Comprehensive Training Platform including updates and new feature sets.

What Topics Are Covered

Declarative Topics Include

1st we get a basic understanding of AI Neural Nets. Then we learn how to unlock the power of AI using the S.M.A.R.T. communication method. Using the AI Force Engine to instantly generate Validation Rules, Formula Fields, Decode Code. Lastly we focus on building AI into your daily routine. (Hover for Developer Topics)

Developer Topics Include

Writing Apex Triggers, Lightning Web Components, SOQL, Apex Classes, Controllers & Visual Force Pages.

All training includes access to the comprehensive AI Force Training Platform with self led versions of all training topics and refresher content.


What is the FlowGPT Challenge

3-day Challenge!

Day 1: See FlowGPT for Salesforce in action! Real Flows built in Salesforce orgs integrated with the power of GPT. 

Day 2: Learn about how GPT is taking over the Salesforce ecosystem. From GPT Clouds and GPT Apps to Global Salesforce GPT Events!

Day 3: Find out how to start using FlowGPT functionality in your Salesforce org today to empower your clients, employer and build your reputation as a Salesforce GPT Expert! 

Be among the First Salesforce AI Certified Experts in the world

Immediate R.O.I.

Being one of the first Salesforce GPT Certified Professionals in the world will immediately equip you with the tools needed for the new job or the next big raise!

The ai force triple threat

1. Alleviate the need for more time.
2. Make more $ completing work quickly.
3. Grow your skills & build your resume.

Anytime, Anywhere

With Virtual Instructor Video Led Training and 20+ Interactive Lessons on the AI Force Training Platform. You have access to all updates so you are prepared for AI today and tomorrow!

Join the GPT Specialist Program Waitlist

Based on training schedules & demand, a short wait is expected, join the list here to get informed now! You will receive more information including expected ROI, some fun videos seeing exactly how AI works for Salesforce professionals and even stories from professionals who are already benefiting from the power of AI Force! Be on the lookout as it may end up in your spam or promotions folder! Email us anytime at [email protected]

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